Food Trucks @ Home

Schedule a daily or weekly rotation of food trucks to visit you on site, set up and sell food directly to your apartment residents or HOA community. All at little to no cost to you!

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How it works

Curated Schedule

Our proprietary platform curates and schedules Seattle's best food trucks to visit your apartment complex or HOA neighborhood on a daily rotation. By learning your residents' favorite food trucks, your schedule changes as it goes, with cuisines from all over the world.

Fully Automated

Your residents and neighbors receive weekly menu emails of food trucks scheduled each week. A customized web page is also built for your location to view that week's food truck lunch lineup. Put your resident event programs on autopilot.

Hassle Free

Food trucks arrive, serve and sell lunch or dinner to your residents and leave with no mess behind. Residents can order at the truck or skip the line and order online. All food is made to order from a gourmet kitchen on wheels.

The amenity residents rave about

Attract More Residents

Residents consider on-site amenities to be one of the top factors when choosing an apartment community.  Help build a sense of joint activity and community while giving your residents a one-of-a-kind work from home perk.

Retain Happy Residents

The year has given many residents delivery fatigue! Food trucks can provide on-site options while maintaining safe distancing protocols, helping residents feel more connected to their neighbors and community.

Drive Down Event Costs

Community managers and HOAs can spend over 20 hours per month planning resident events.  Turn your resident perks on auto-pilot, with a rotating selection of delicious cuisines from the best food trucks.

Support Local Businesses

Our owner-operated food trucks favor quality, variety, and sustainability. Experience cuisines from all over the world without ever leaving your home.

Resident Credit Packages, Incentives, and Rewards

Offer free meals, credits and a rewards program to incentivize current and prospective residents to sign a new lease or treat those in your neighborhood association!

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