Food Trucks @ Work

Schedule a daily or weekly rotation of food trucks to visit you on site, set up and sell food directly to your employees or building tenants. All at little to not cost to your business.

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How it works

Curated Schedule

Our proprietary platform curates and schedules Seattle’s best food trucks to visit your workplace on a daily rotation. By learning your employee’s favorite food trucks, your schedule changes as it goes, with cuisines from all over the globe.

Fully Automated

Your employees receive weekly menu emails of food trucks scheduled each week. A customized web page is also built for your company to view that week’s food truck lunch lineup. Take the guesswork out of lunch time planning.

Hassle Free

Food trucks arrive, serve and sell lunch to your employees for 3 hours and leave with no mess behind. Employees can order at the truck or skip the line and order online. All food is made to order from a gourmet kitchen on wheels.

A New Mobile Corporate Dining Solution

Retain and recruit top talent

Catered lunches are an employees favorite workplace perk. With better talent, you can increase your business, employee loyalty, and reduce costly turnover.

Community Spirit in the Workplace

Mealtimes are a natural target for building a sense of joint activity and community. Help maximize your teams feeling of togetherness and improve teamwork when it matters the most.

Boost Office Morale and Productivity

Food is a powerful and simple way to increase productivity, team cohesion, and motivation. Providing company-sponsored lunches demonstrates that you value their contribution to the success of your company.

Support Local Businesses

Our owner-operated food trucks favor quality, variety and sustainability. Experience cuisines from all over the world without ever leaving your office.

Employee Subsidization

Reward individual teams or provide employees lunch daily free of charge. Our subsidization program allows you to set an amount per employee, while we handle the rest.

Food truck experience

Site requirements
Power: Not needed!
Space: 30ft x 8ft area
Water: Not needed!
Parking: Flat space is all that is needed
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