Yummy Box

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About this Truck

Yummy Box offers you complete Asian flavors that are served in a box! These dishes are made using local ingredients and prepared at home. The Yummy Box food truck can mostly be found in the greater Seattle area and offers unique additions to classic Asian flavors. They serve everything from Taiwanese Pork Stew, Yummy Box Fried Noodles, Bacon Menchi Katsu Burger to popcorn chicken with rice and much more. Their menu tends to change with season or days, depending on the ingredients, so check them out all year round for new or returning menu items! Get your Yummy Box today!
  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options available
  • Accepts credit cards and cash

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Truck Menu

Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl– $11

Cubed Yellowfin Tuna Marinated With Onion, Green Onion, Lettuce And Yummy Box Style Limu Soy Over Steam Rice. Served With Seaweed Salad. (Limited Availability)

Popcorn Chicken– $9

Crispy Coated Marinated Chicken Thigh. Aka Taiwanese Karaage (Fried Chicken)

Taiwanse Minced Pork Belly Stew– $7

Hand Cut Minced Pork Belly Cooked To Perfection With Mama's Recipe. Southern Taiwanese Style

Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry– $11

Japanese Curry With Chicken Cutlet. One Of The Most Popular Dish Served Everyday In Japan

Japanese Vegetarian Curry– $8

Golden Potato, Carrots, Onion, And Seasonal Vegetable Slow Cooked With Mild Japanese Curry Which Create Harmonious Flavor For Anytime Of The Year

Bacon Chicken Katsu Burger– $11

Tender Panko Breaded Chicken Breast Together With Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Seasoned With Ranch And Katsu Sauce. Accompanied With Fries

Beef Poutine– $11

Indonesian Beef Stew Over Bed Of Fries And Baked With Cheddar Jack Cheese And Garnished With Various Vegetables

Indonesian Beef Stew (Rendang)– $10

Cubed Beef Brisket Slow Cooked To Perfection With Indonesian Curry (Mild Spicy)

Vegetarian Or Chicken Fried Noodle– $10

Choice Of Vegetable Or Chicken, Stir Fried With Noodle In Our Yummy Sauce