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Wok truck serving sizzling Asian-inspired recipes. Our operation runs daily with lunch service as well as dinner with selected events and breweries throughout the week. Truck-on-site catering available throughout the year!
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Panang Curry $13

A spicy blend of spices and oils, cut with creamy coconut milk and sugar. Poured over mixed veggies and your protein choice, steamed rice on the side. Our gluten free champion.

Forager Noodles$13

Chinese yakisoba charred in a hot wok with savory sweet oyster sauce, black pepper and shallots, your choice of protein, and a pile of sliced cremini mushrooms. A favorite for "Thai-vegan" diets!

Drunken Noodles$13

Rice stick noodles charred in a hot wok, with mixed veggies, protein, savory sweet chili sauce, finished with fresh Thai basil. An absolute favorite.

The Green Beans$13

Crispy green beans flashed in hot oil and tossed with sweet pantai chili sauce and shallots, your choice of protein. Served with steamed rice, until we sell out!

Sweet & Sticky Eggplant$13

Chinese eggplant flash fried and tossed in a delicious pantai sweet chili sauce, wok'd with shallots, pick your protein, poured over steamed rice. A legendary seller.

Shaboisan Noodles$13

Chinese yakisoba tossed in the wok with mixed veggies, garlic black pepper oyster sauce, and your choice of protein. Reliably delicious.

Kowloon City Noodles$13

Rice stick noodles simmered in broth, wok'd in a succulent oyster sauce with shallots and black pep, then laid over steamed broccoli.

Thai Fried Rice$13

Dried jasmine rice toasted with fried shallots and black pepper, thrown around the wok with mixed veggies, garlicky oyster sauce, and your choice of protein.

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