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Seattle Mamak food truck offers authentic Malaysian flavors in the streets of Seattle! They use local produce and bring forward classic Malaysian dishes. Seattle Mamak offers you a range of dishes that have Malaysian flavors at their heart. Each dish is prepared at home to offer you great Malaysian food in Seattle. In addition to their food truck services, Seattle Mamak offers catering services in the Seattle area so you can serve your guests with fresh and hot Malaysian flavors!

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Malaysian Chinese Pork Chop$11

Black Pepper Udon With Chicken$11

Eggplant Garlic Sauce$9.5

Black Pepper Chicken$9.5

White Meat Chicken Stir Fried With Curry Leaves & Thai Chilis

Black Pepper Lamb$11

Nasi Lemak$12

Coconut Flavored Rice With Anchovies, Hard Boiled Egg, Curry Chicken, Cucumber & Spicy Tamarind Sauce

Dry Curry Chicken$10.5

Soy Sauce Chicken$11

Taiwanese Chicken Rice$10.5

Mee Siam$10

Rice Noodles With Prawns, Egg's Bean-Sprouts & Chives

Roti Canai$4

Crispy Indian Style Pancake With Curry Potatoes With Flavorful Curry Dipping Sauce

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