My Sweet Lil Cakes

About this Truck

My Sweet Lil Cakes offer both sweet and savory hotcakes, that come in a range of flavors and toppings. The cake mixture is made from scratch using local and fresh produce. These gourmet sweet and savory hotcakes are served in the shape of corn dogs with custom toppings! The toppings range from sweet to savory. Where you can get anything from meaty and cheesy to saucy and sweet. These cakes are served with fresh local fruits, that vary from season to season!
  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options available
  • Accepts credit cards and cash
  • Trailer

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Truck Menu

Savory Hotcakes - Seattle's Chicken & Waffle– $10

With Maple Butter & Market Fresh Berries

Sweetcakes - Rhubarb Sweetcake – $10

W/ Strawberries W/ Brown Sugar Drizzle.

Savory Hotcakes - Cornbread Cheddar Jalapeño– $10

With Corn Kernels & Honey Butter On Mixed Greens (Vegetarian)

Savory Hotcakes - Manny's Beer & Hickory Smoked Bacon– $12

With Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeños & Ranch Drizzle On Mixed Greens

Savory Hotcakes - Quichcake W/Grass Fed Beef, Green Onions & Goat Cheese – $12

Organic Eggs W/Grass Fed Beef, Green Onions & Goat Cheese, W/ Roasted Red Pepper Cream Cheese (Vegan add $2)

Savory Hotcakes - Chorizo, Bell Pepper, Cheddar Cheese – $10

Available W/ Pork, Beef and Vegan options.

Sweetcakes - Cherry Filled Chocolate Devils Food Cake– $10

With Nutella Sweet Cream Cheese, Heath Toffee Crumble & Market Fresh Berries

Sweetcakes - Banana Filled Cinnamon Waffle Cake – $10

W/ Peanut Butter Nutella & Organic Strawberries. (Vegan / Gluten Free please add $2)

Sweetcakes - Green Apple & Caramel– $10

With Pecans (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Sweetcakes - Blueberry Lemon Ricotta– $10

With Honey Lemon Syrup

Sweetcakes - Red Velvet Buttermilk– $10

With Dark Cherries & Cream Cheese Drizzle

Side - Northwestern Chili Bowl W/ Fresh Vegetables & Grass Fed Beef – $7

(available in vegan/gluten free)

Side - Raw Kale Salad With Pecans & Zante Currants – $7

Sliced almonds, Honey Lemon & Vinagerette Dressing

Sides - Classic Red Potato Vegetable Salad With Cayenne– $7

Side - Cheesy Grits With Seasoned Shrimp – $8

(Available in Vegan)

Beverages - Black Tea Lemonade – $5

Made W/ Cloud Steeped Black Tea and Fresh Pressed Lemons.

Beverage - Sheena's Hush-Hush Chai Tea – $6

8 spice Chai Tea full flavored Spicy and Sweet.

Beverage - Spiced Caramel Apple Cider– $5

Freshly Juiced Apples

Espresso Vivace – $5

Hot or Cold Served.