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Lumpia worlds offer authentic Japanese-Chamorro-Filipino flavors. This family owned business features a number of dishes that are taken from Asian heritage. They have added their own personal twist to their lumpia, such as Ginger Pork, Banana, Thai Coconut, and many more! In addition, they offer a range of dipping sauces and other Lumpia options. The menu is handpicked and even contains a vegan option. Lumpia World offers catering in the Seattle area!
  • Vegetarian options available
  • Accepts credit cards and cash

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Truck Menu

Lumpia - Ginger Pork

Seasoned Ground Pork w/Onion-Garlic-Cabbage-Carrots

Lumpia - Lemon Grass Chicken

Seasoned Ground Chicken Breast w/Onion-Garlic-Peas-Carrots

Lumpia - Ground Beef

Seasoned Ground Beef w/Onion-Garlic-Peas-Carrots

Lumpia - Vegetarian (Vegan Option)

Seasoned Rice Noodles w/Cabbage-Carrots

Lumpia - Thai Coconut

Sweet Jasmine Rice with Coconut Milk. Topped with Toasted Coconut-Caramel-Powder Sugar

Lumpia - Sweet Potato

Baked Sweet Potato With Cinnamon, Nutmeg, And Vanilla. Topped With In-House Marshmallow Mouse, Caramel, And Toasted Pecans

Lumpia - Banana

Blended Saba Banana With Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Raisins, And Vanilla. Topped With Caramel Chocolate "or" Both - Powdered Sugar

Chickend Adobo Over Rice With 2pcs Of Lumpia

Wings/Drummets Cooked Down In A Soy, Garlic, Vinegar, Onion, And Bay Leaf Sauce. Falling Off The Bone Delicious

Vegetarian Pancit With 4pcs Of Lumpia

Seasoned Sautéed Rice Vermicelli Noodle With Cabbage, Carrots, Onion And Garlic. Topped With Green Onion, Cilantro, And Lime Wedge

Chicken Katsu With Rice "Or" Island Mac Salad

Fillet Seasoned Chicken Breast Battered With Our Eggless Batter And Coated With Seasoned Panko

Spam-Island Mac Bowl With 2pcs Of Lumpia

Chamorro Style Elbow Mac Salad. Topped With A Very Secret Sauce - Green Onions

Soba Noodle Soup With 2pcs "Or" 4pcs Of Lumpia

Baked Chicken Breast/Tofu/Spam

Chicken Adobo Pancit Plate

Plus 1 Lumpia With Dipping Sauce

Chicken Katsu Island Mac Salad Plate

Plus 1 Lumpia With Dipping Sauce


Rice, Island Mac Salad, Chicken Adobo Over Rice, Chicken Katsu, Vegetarian Pancit, Soba Noodle Soup, Spam-Island Mac Bowl