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Italian, Filipino, American and more! Often times serving our Fresh Stuffed Baguettes: 1) The Philly Cheese Brisket 2) Classic Sloppy Joe 3) Juicy Chinese Barbecue Pork with Viet Style Pickled Relish 4) American Style Barbecue Chicken - All Fresh Stuffed Baguettes are served with Chips and your choice of a Kosher Dill and/or Pickled Jalapeños... On occasion we do a Pasta Bar with Marinara or Cream Cheese Pesto Sauce, Italian Roasted Chicken may be added to either Sauce - Pasta is then Topped with Shaved Romano and Slivered Basil -served with Classic Caesar and Sliced Fresh Baguettes. One of our other specialties is Mama Lucy's Lumpia Italiano, (Filipino Lumpia filled with Italian Stuff like Garlic Shrimp, Mozzarella and Parmesan). We also roll out with a Traditional Filipino Meal of Chicken Adobo, Jasmine Rice, Pancit and Lumpia
  • Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten free options available
  • Accepts credit cards and cash

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Chinese Style Barbecue Pork– $10

In this Baguette we pay homage to Kau Kau Barbecue Pork, along with this fresh, juicy flavorful pork, you'll taste the deliciousness of our Viet Pickled Relish and Sweet Chili, Cilantro Aioli. Served with Chips, a Kosher Dill and/or Pickled Jalapeños

Philly Cheese Brisket – $10

Slow Roastwd Beef Brisket simply seasoned with salt and pepper, melded with American Cheese, served on a Fresh Baguette, topped with Caramelized Onions. Comes with Chips, Slaw and your choice of a Kosher Dill or Pickled Jalapeños

Thai Style Jumbo Shrimp– $13

Jumbo Shrimp Sauté in Fresh Garlic, Ginger and Red Pepper Flakes- Served in a Fresh Baguette with a Special Slaw of Sweet Chili Aoili and Cilantro served with Chips and a Kosher Dill or Pickled Jalapeños

Classic Sloppy Joe– $10

Not so sloppy in our hollowed Fresh Baguettes- Fresh Browned Ground Beef in our Traditionally Seasoned Tomato Sauce served with Chips, Slaw, a Kosher Dill or Pickled Jalapeños

Barbecue Chicken– $10

Fresh Roasted Chicken, Pulled and melded in our Zesty Barbecue Sauce served with Chips, Slaw and your choice of a Kosher Dill or Pickled Jalapeños