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El Cabrito serves southern Mexican food in the streets of Seattle. They use fresh local produce to make everything from scratch. Their authentic Mexican taste and fresh produce are what helps them serve a number of top rated dishes. In addition, they believe in keeping things fresh, so they produce each item on a daily basis. In addition, you can hire El Cabrito for your next party or event, and can discuss the menu you wish to feature!
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#2 Carne Asada Plate$13

Beef Steak With Rice, Beans, Salad & Corn Tortilla

#1 Barbacoa Plate$13

Lam With Rice, Beans & Corn Tortillas

#3 Carnitas Plate$12

Braised Pork With Rice, Beans & Corn Tortillas

#4 Enchiladas Plate$12

4 Folded Tortilla Covered With Mole Sauce With Your Choice Of Chicken Or Pork

#5 Taco Plate$8

4 Tacos With Choice Of Chicken Mole, Al Pastor Pork, Beef Steak Or Veggie. Marinated Pork With Pineapple +$1.00

#6 Quesadilla Plate$9

Choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef Steak, Or Veggie

#7 Burrito$9

Wrapped In A Flour Tortilla With Rice & Beans. Choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef Steak, Or Veggie

#8 Salad$8

Chicken Only

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