Daddy’s Donuts

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About this Truck

We specialize in mini donuts made fresh to order. We also top them with homemade sauces and toppings. Voted by buzzfeed 2016’ BEST donuts in the state of Wa!!!!
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Truck Menu

Plain Donuts With No Toppings– $5

Dusted With Cinnamon Sugar– $5

Dusted With Powder Sugar– $5

Straw-Bella– $5.5

Plain Mini’s With A Drizzle Of Fresh Strawberry & White Chocolate Syrup, Topped With Whip Cream And Sprinkles

Coco-Loco– $5.5

Plain Mini’s With Chocolate And Tres Leche Drizzle, Topped Toasted Coconut

Caramel Apple– $5.5

Plain Mini’s With A Homemade Apple Filling, Fresh Caramel And Cinnamon Spice

Funky Monkey– $5.5

Plain Mini’s With Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter Drizzle Topped With Fresh Bananas

Robot Roberta– $5.5

Fresh Mini's Drizzled With Chocolate (Or Vanilla) Sauce, Topped With Oreo Cookies, Whip Cream And A Robot Ring

Happy Camper– $5.5

Plain Mini’s With Milk Chocolate & Marshmallow Drizzle Topped With Gram Cracker Crumble And Marshmallows

12th Man– $5.5

Plain Mini’s With Vanilla Pudding Drizzle, Topped With Whip Cream, Blue And Green Sprinkles, Skittles A Football Ring

Taya Tornado– $5.5

Plain Mini’s Topped With Maple Glaze And Fresh Bacon

Nutella– $5.5

Plain Mini’s Topped With Whip Cream Nutella, Bananas And Strawberries

Al Capone– $5.5

Plain Mini’s With Tres Leche & White Chocolate Drizzle With Toasted Almonds


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