9th & Hennepin Donuts

Breakfast, Dessert, Vegetarian

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I have a little booth I run at various local markets and pop-ups in other spaces. I make donuts, everything fried-to-order and served hot and fresh. My menus change weekly (and sometimes more often) and are all seasonal, locally and sustainably-sourced. I do *not* do mini-donuts or use a little 'donut-robot' machine- all my donuts are made by hand, from scratch, with a constantly-changing variety of raised, cake, fritters and other types. If time and seasonality allows, I'm absolutely open to customer requests for flavors! I'm also open to pop-ups and catering of any stripe! I have a ton of industry experience and am very flexible. Drop me a message and we can chat about what you're looking for. I have a nice clean indoor setup using electric fryers that I've successfully used to pump out several hundred donuts per hour with- check my pictures.

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