On the other side of the SLU tracks!

5th and John PodConsidering all the trucks who lurk around the towering hoards of Amazonoznians, there have been a serious lack of love for all the hard working folks who hang around on the other side of 99. Fear not – a new food pod is here to make all your lunchtime dreams come true!

Starting today, May 12th, there will be two trucks a day hiding out in the alley between 5th and Tayler on John – just down the street from Komo 4. It’s a beautiful week to get out of the office and try something new!

Here’s what the lineup looks like right now:

Monday – Mesob at the Curb and Hallava Falafel
Tuesday – Ezell’s Express and Marination
Wednesday – Mesob at the Curb and Outside the Box
Thursday – Hungry Me and Don Lucho
Friday – Off the Rez and Falafel Salam

As always – check the website or apps for the latest info!

Happy truck lunching!