New Twists on Old Favorites

Plum Bistro at Chuck's Hop ShopFirst, in case you’re new to the scene, let us introduce you to Chuck’s Hop Shop aka the land of 1,000 beers. Situated on the corner of 85th and 8th in Greenwood, this unsuspecting convenience store on steriods is one of the not only has 38 beers on tap, it’s a kid friendly, dog friendly, trivia night hosting, ice cream serving hot spot. And they have trucks every day of the week. In other words, paradise.

Monday’s belong to Plum Bistro who is out to prove that it doesn’t matter what your dietary restrictions are, everyone can take part in delicious street food! Adding to their already lengthy list of restaurants and juice bars (and did you know they even have a cook book?!), Plum is also a truck dishing out amazingly flavorful vegan burgers and fries. And, most importantly for this story, they pair marvelously with beer!

For our inaugural “Week in the Life of Chuck’s” adventure, we tackled the Jerk Yam Burger. Start out with a little sliced tofu and a multitude of Jamaican spices left to slowly marinade, then grilled up, topped with a little yam spread, some pickled cabbage and caramelized onions and a thick slice of tomato.

To match up to the spiciness we picked out two beers. The first was a Sam Adams Imperial Stout. It was solid! Deep, dark chocolate, perhaps better matched with the portobello burger than our tofu selection. The second beer was pretty right on, though. The Wyders Tequila Pear Cider was light, crisp and perfect with the spiciness of the the burger. Match made in Chuck’s heaven!

Plum Bistro makes a Chuck’s stop every Monday and taps rotate often, so find your own pairing and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter! We love to see what you’re eating!