Of course we’ll have grilled cheese at Kid’s Day!

GrilledCheeseExLike being a kid again! Sit down in the warm September sunshine and settle in to an ooey, gooey, toasty grilled cheese sandwich. And no one does them better than The Grilled Cheese Experience!

With variations like the Super Spanish – two kinds of cheeses, spicy lamb sausage, sweet carmelized onions, potato chips (yes, we said potato chips!) and a sunny side egg, you will NOT go home hungry! And have you ever tried grilled mac n’ cheese and tomato soup shots? Big ol’ slab of mac and cheese tossed on the grilled until it’s got a crispy outside and soft and creamy inside paired with some super fresh tomato soup for dipping. The perfect bite(s).

Root Beer FloatWe are amazingly honored to have the one and only Grilled Cheese Experience joining us this Saturday for the First Ever SeattleFoodTruck.com Truckin at the Des Moines Farmers Market! You won’t want to miss this!

This just in: Our root beer garden will be manned by the local kids baseball team. All the proceeds go to support the team, so you know what to do — because nothing goes better with a grilled cheese than a root beer float!

See ya on Saturday!