Get the skinny on Skinny Phoenix!

Skinny PhoenixMeet another Market favorite! We’re excited to announce that Skinny Phoenix will be joining us this Saturday at the Truckin at the Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market!

So now, the question that they always get asked: What’s Skinny Phoenix mean? Well, the answer is much like their menu – original and eclectic!

The owners are members of the Cherokee Nation, and the Phoenix has a special meaning to them — renewal. And like the Phoenix, their spit of deliciously dripping roasted chicken goes from thick to skinny every day, every day starting over again. Or, as one of their favorite quotes says:

“Like the Legend of the Phoenix – All ends with beginnings – What keeps the planet spinning – The force from the beginning. We’ve come too far – to give up who we are – so let’s raise the bar – and our cups to the stars” — Pharrell Williams, hip hop artist

Their menu runs the gamut from The Phoenix, a greek style pita stuffed with all kinds of goodies like pulled pork, cabbage, pickled japalenos, pineapple, mango and tzatziki, to the all beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped spicy sauce, cheese and a healthy does of grilled onions and peppers. Wash it all down with an Arnold Palmer (half tea, half lemonade).

Find them in the mobile food court this Saturday! Need more info, get it here.