Weekending with Uwajimaya!

OMG and Spicy Special sliders from Bistro Box - Harley Davidson Bike Bite/Food Truck RallyIt’s that time again! Our favorite international grocery store is having one of our favorite international food truck festivals – join us this Saturday, June 8th at Uwajimaya in Renton for their Summer Food Truck Round Up! They’ll be featuring 12 amazing trucks, some of which rarely make it to the south end. Here’s your chance to try something new, or just have another helping of your favorite food truck dish.


The fest starts at 11 and runs until 5 or when the trucks run out, which we are expecting to be much earlier! The sun will be shining which always means a good turnout. To make your day the best it can be, we have three simple times.


  1. Get there early. Think lunch, not dinner.
  2. Cash is king. Lines always go faster when you don’t have to pull out the card. $1s and $5s, always appreciated.
  3. Bring a friend. Or five. Spread out and get a little something at several trucks, then meet back up to share the goods.


And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, the truck list:



And finally…

we are so sad (for us) and happy (for her) to announce that this is Bistro Box’s very last food truck appearance in Seattle. They are truckin’ over the mountains to share their deliciousness with the good folks of Spokane. We will truly miss the gorgonzola tater tots, arancini, OMG sliders (oh … the OMG sliders!), but most of all Barb’s smiling face. Best of luck to you from the SeattleFoodTruck.com team! We will visit. Promise.


Wondering where Uwajimaya in Renton is? Here’s a link to the map!