Power to the People!

The People's BurgerOutside Century Link Field, down the long alley of food vendors, between the hot dogs, cotton candy and peanuts, there is a burger truck that is quickly becoming a SeattleFoodTruck.com fan favorite. When we asked what truck we should feature, the overwhelming response was “The People’s Burger!!!” — yes, with that many exclamation points!

Our first stop at The People’s Burger was a mid-week lunch, dragging (willingly, we’ll note!) a coworker. As soon as we looked at the menu board, the choice was obvious. The Jalapeno Burger ($7). I like it spicy, and it was definitely that! This slightly messy burger is topped with fire roasted jalapenos, then cooled off with a little cream cheese, tomato and arugula. If you like hot, this is definitely the burger for you.

Our second visit was in search of the pretty, photogenic burger. A requirement in our line of work. Scoring one of the limited freebie spots at the end of the block (and on a game day, no less!) we made our way through the crowds and up to the counter. “I want your most beautiful burger, please!” The extremely knowledgeable and food loving gentleman recommended the Classic with bacon ($8). Perfect! A beautifully cooked burger topped with Tillamook cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, red onions and the same tomatoes and spicy arugula, along with a healthy dose of their “The People’s Sauce”. It was delicious and a cut above the typical pre-game offerings.

The People’s Burger is definitely a “RECOMMEND”! They are open Tuesday – Friday from 11 am. – 2 pm., and for all stadium events. Their complete schedule is on our site HERE. You can also find them on Facebook.

Happy Eating!