Sinfully Delicous!

Street Treats Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Ice Cream SandwichThis is it. Your last chance (well, ’til February). Time for a fantastic food sendoff to all those decadently sinful dishes that will be absent from your New Year’s resolution plans. These are just a few of our favorite food truck creations that have pleased our palates in the past 12 months!

Seattle Biscuit Co.

There is a reason Seattle Biscuit Co.’s peanut butter and jelly biscuit bread pudding falls into the first spot on our list. Not only is it made with incredibly fresh and local (as in, berries from the chef’s backyard) ingredients, it’s topped with a luscious caramel bourbon sauce. Good thing they park at Reuben’s Brews, you’ll need a chocolate stout to wash it all down. Let the food coma commence!

Jemil’s Big Easy

Did someone say fried mac and cheese balls with crawfish sauce? My gawd! Jemil is the king of the frier. Crispy on the outside and velvety creamy on the inside, deep fried to perfection. On top of all this insanity is ladled a spicy sauce filled with chunks of crawfish meat. Lawwwdy! You won’t have to eat for days.

The Cheese Wizards

There are several grilled cheese options out there and it was truly hard to choose. Hey – can’t go wrong with cheese and butter. Since we tend toward the spicy, our favorite is the Durin’s Bane from the guys at Cheese Wizards. Thick, toasted French bread, spicy capicola, jalapeƱos, topped with melted manchego. And because we like it hot, a little Wizard’s Fire aioli both on AND to dip. That’s a fine sandwich.

Where Ya At Matt

No list is complete without a little Where Ya At beignet love. Fried dough. Powdered sugar. Paper bag. These pipin’ hot little gems will melt in your mouth and team perfectly with a cup of steaming coffee, or a cold, sweet Mexi-Coke. Beware of powdered sugar evidence — likely to make co-workers jealous and tip off your Weight Watchers coach.

Off The Rez

One of the few trucks doing late night, Off The Rez has the perfect food to sop up all those midnight cocktails (or, if you prefer, a 6 pack of PBR). Doughnut meets chili dog, minus the dog. Their devilishly delish tacos start with fluffy fried dough, then layer on the toppings from savory to sweet. It’s enough to make your diet fall to its knees … But hey, that’s what tomorrow is for, right?

Street Treats

Seattle’s first “treats” truck, Street Treats has a huge variety of the most delectable temptations, from cookies to brownies to, our favorite, rice crispy treats, but if you really want to indulge your sweet tooth, go for the ice cream sandwich. They make their own ice cream from scratch and it is definitely divine! Pick your favorite flavor and a fresh-from-the-oven cookie and you have a personalized, made-to-order dessert. How amazing is that?

Have your own favorite? We’d love to hear about it. Leave it in the comments below!

New Year from the Team!