SLU the place to be?

Street Treats Ice Cream Sandwich

Chocolate cookie and peanut butter ice cream sandwich from Street Treats.

It looks like South Lake Union is THE hot neighborhood for great food truck lunches. Over the past few weeks, much to the happiness of the Amazon crowd, SLU has become a stop for almost all the regulars.

Where Ya At has had a spot at Cascade People’s Center for a while, and most recently Marination appears at the location on Mondays, while Kaosamai has long been a daily attraction at the Four Corners furniture store. To their ranks we’re now adding a rotation of trucks on 9th Ave, just to the south of Kaufer’s Bookstore, and on Harrison and Boren. Pai’s, BUNS, Curry Now, Fusion on the Run, Lumpia World and Street Treats make for a cross cultural week long eating experience.

For a full lineup for who’s where when, take a look at our fresh off the presses South Lake Union neighborhood page.